Our updated range of saddles for wide horses, ponies and cobs, designed with the knowledge from the original Native Pony designs, on the same well fitting trees and same quality leather, however with the input from our customers and 10 years of fitting experience since the design of the original saddles The Pony Saddle Has Now Evolved ….

Pony Saddle UndersideThe Pony Saddle Company saddles have a soft, secure feel on our specially designed trees which fit cobs and ponies so well and give a modern look with more flexibility. Softer, revolutionary seat foam gives the seat and knee pads a more comfortable and more supportive feel, with that “in it rather than on it” feel to the seat and a knee pad you can bury your knee into, smaller knee pads and less fill to the seat are also available by special order. The Velcro Knee Rolls also allow for versatility as different size and shape blocks can be provided on request and the fit can be adjusted to suit individual riders.


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Semi Lined Sheepskin Numnah

Sheepskin Full Numnah


New Product

The Pony Saddle Company Barton, Part Suede By Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions.

The Barton Show Saddle


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All our saddles come with the soft flocked tradition close contact panels, wide gullets they always did, handmade on British Standard adjustable trees with English leathers sourced from within a mile of the saddler’s workshops and are available with the usual 7 day trial as our Comfort and Native Pony Saddle Company Saddles, with a free adjustment (subject to callout) within 3 months.

Our Accredited Fitting Specialists undertake an extended apprenticeship and then are required to undertake continual learning and training with us. Accreditation is renewed every year to ensure that the required standard is maintained and all customers and their equines receive the same high standard of saddle fitting and service.

Pony Saddle Adjustments

All the saddles are made with best quality English leather by fully qualified saddle makers with many years of experience that are also members of the Society of Master Saddlers in England, United Kingdom combining traditional methods with modern innovation.

Extensively tested by ourselves, our equines and our customers.

Sandie Bregnager Kjær and Healthy Horse
Sandie Bregnager Kjær and Healthy Horse
Saddle Exchange are proud to be associated with Healthy Horse.


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English Leather All Saddle Exchange leather products are manufactured in England, United Kingdom, from English leather by Master Saddle Makers.

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